Leakage and skin problems are solved with TOMAS

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More than half of the stoma carriers are confronted with leaks, skin problems and the associated nuisance and pain. It is obvious that this is a serious limitation for patients with stomas. As a result, a large number of them cannot function properly, some even withdraw from social life. The quality of life is seriously affected.

Frans Gommans, stoma patient himself, found this unacceptable. He developed a concept without any adhesives, where the stoma carrier is leak-free. Together with Stefan Hectors, Frans started the company TOMAS for the further development of this concept. Collaboration was also sought with hospital Viecuri Venlo, surgeon-oncologist Dr. Paul Nijhuis. The latter has shown through extensive research that more than 80% of the users of this new stoma product are actually leak-free and free of skin problems and the accompanying wounds and pain. 

It turned out that it is a great solution for people with leaks and skin problems. Most of them are very happy with the extra safety provided by the integrated elastic bandage. Furthermore, the absence of a skin-patch is a great advantage, so that cream can be used around the stoma. This also stimulates the recovery of skin irritation. In addition, the integrated tight elastic bandage provides a lot of support for people with a laceration. As mentioned, no skin-patch is needed. The concave adapter, to which the collection bag is attached, is already integrated in the strap.


  No use of adhesives
  Possibility to use cream around the stoma
  Easy to apply
  Quick change of the collection bag
  Almost invisible

When to use

  With wounds
  With skin irritation
  In case of problems with the adhesives
  In case of insecurity

Pilot Study
Peristomal skin complications, often due to leakage, occur in up to 1/3 of patients with stomas. These complications have great emotional, social and financial impact on patients and society (read more)
The TOMAS waistband is the solution to prevent leaks from a stoma. The tight elastic bandage is a technical solution and releasing the seal is therefore not possible (read more)
My name is Frans Gommans. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in May 2011, something we unfortunately hear too often these days (read more)