Freedom (English)

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My name is Frans Gommans. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in May 2011, something we unfortunately hear too often these days. After recovery from surgery I had to live with a stoma.

"Unfortunately I was confronted with leaks and severe skin problems. According to a study, that is the case with 60 percent of the stoma carriers.

After many visits by the stoma nurse there was no solution for the releasing skin patches, so I started looking for a solution myself. With an elastic bandage I made sure that leaking was no longer possible. Much support for this idea came from doctor oncologist P. Nijhuis of VieCuri hospital in Venlo. I was encouraged to make a beautiful product out of it and the hospital started a test with many stoma wearers from all over the Netherlands. This resulted in the TOMAS elastic bandage replacing the skin patch.

With an elastic bandage I made sure that leaking was no longer possible

After many years, I am now completely leak free and the benefits of the TOMAS bandage become visible: no leaks, no skin plaque and no skin irritation through the use of protective ointment. In addition, the waistband supports the abdominal wall, is figure correcting and not visible under clothing. Sports, including swimming, are also possible without being afraid of leaks. And last but not least ... in many cases you can do your regular work again.

Do you recognize this story? Then request information today and you will also get your freedom back. The TOMAS elastic bandage is in production and is available in all clothing sizes."

Frans Gommans